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Can't delete one Sitewide banner

Hello there! I was able to create Site Wide Banners and they are game changing, but I managed to add the same image TWICE (as a site wide banner and once again above the footer). I’m trying to remove the one above the footer that is appearing on every page (Black Friday Sale Is Every Friday graphic) but can not see where it’s coming from? Would very much appreciate the help!

Hi @shophoneybug,

To clarify, you would like to remove the section that is appearing below the footer? (this is the one that I see appear on all pages)

Yes, correct. Though, that section is also appearing right above the “New Arrivals at HoneyBug” section, and I want to keep that one. I only want to delete the one below the footer, but they seem to be tied to each other? Thank you!

Thanks for clarifying! I’ll take a look at your site to see why this is occurring.

@shophoneybug This section was installed twice in your themes code, I removed the snippet that was causing the section to appear under the footer. Does the page look as expected now?

Thank you so much!! I knew it was user error for sure. I appreciate the quick reply, it’s so helpful!