CLI for windows

Hallo, I’m pretty new to builder.
I am currently trying out windows 11 and I’ve noticed that the “” is a shell-script and I can’t find a windows CLI.
I know that there is a Linux Sub-System for Windows, but I’ve never worked with it.
How can I use it to integrate into my website?

Hey @TilGP, and thank you for reaching out to the forum!

Thanks for asking about the best way to set up your site with Builder while on Windows. I know we currently don’t support running our CLI commands on Windows, but we do plan to support this soon. In the meantime, can you share which framework/ tech stack you are running with? I’ll share some integration details for you!

~Logan from

Hello @logan,
I’m currently testing out different frameworks, but I am planing to use Next.js.
Thanks for the fast reply.

Hey @TilGP!

We have a bunch of starters on our Github builder/examples at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub and you can download one that matches your use-case and check out how Builder is installed. You can also read our NextJS guide on our blog, which walks you through integration step-by-step Setting up visual drag-and-drop page building with Next.js

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding integrating with your existing NextJS app!

~Logan from