Drop down renders as open on page load

Our ‘Features’ drop down renders as open when we load the page. It was set to ‘show as open’ for editing but unchecking that either isn’t being published or isn’t having the effect I thought it would. Is this a bug or something we’re doing wrong?

@Micheola took a quick look, I think the problem came from using context.showOpen() as the condition to show/hide. Without being able to see the method itself it is hard to debug, but it was probably being called at a time you didn’t necessarily expect.

That being said, I noticed that the dropdown has a state value of state.dropdownMenuActive, so I changed the style conditionals to be based off of that instead and it seems to fix the problem.

Please take a look and see if that makes sense for the logic of your setup and works for you!

Ah thanks Tim, that’s really good of you. A couple of people are working on this and none of us are that familiar with Builder so really it’s helpful to have an expert look over it for us.

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