Drop downs open upon page open

Please help. Just published webpages with Builder. It includes drop-downs.
The drop-down are open upon page open. They are not supposed to be and were not in Builders previews. Can I get any advice? the pages are live and look bad this way:

Hello Clint,

I’ve visited the page and am not confident I’m seeing the issue described, would you be able to provide a screenshot or video capture of the open-by-default dropdowns?

In the future, for troubleshooting issues, please feel free to reach out to support@builder.com.

Thank you,

Hello Julius,

Thank you for your response. The issue was very strange as it only showed up the first day or 2 after we published the pages. It is currently not doing it. I wish I had answers as to why it did it and why it stopped as I did not change the page structure.

I looked for the support help and did not readily see it. Was trying to get help anywhere I could.


Hi Clint,

Thank you for the confirmation. If the issue arises again, please feel free to respond to this thread or the support email provided earlier and I would be happy to take a look.


I’ve just visited your Page and had dropdowns open. It happens only on the first visit. probably you use some cookies/local storage?
Clear your app data and you will probably also see this issue again.

Thank you Lucas. I am grateul to get a little help. If what you are describing is the case, how do I prevent this from happening on a visitor’s first viewing?
Eager for any direction you might have.

It’s really hard to say without more details.
Do you use custom components in your code? (what framework?)
Or did you use Builder’s UI with their built-in components?

In the case of Builder components, I have no experience, I’m working with custom components in React/Next.js.

The drop downs are Builder components. Pages are created in Builder that is set up in our much larger existing system. We create pages using builder. Header and footer are all in the company system, sorry, It takes care of all that snd I don’t have answers. I believe there are cookies. Is there a fix that you are aware of? What you mention makes sense.
Thanks again,

Sorry, but I mostly have experience with custom components in Builder, never built something like a dropdown in Builder’s UI. I’m afraid somebody from Builder support has to help you.

Hello Clint,

I’ve come across this forum post. I’d like to inquire if you are still seeking a solution for this. If so, would you please provide me with an updated content link?

Hello Julius,
Thank you for your response. Yes, still seeking a solution. It appears it’s mostly a first opening of the page that the drop downs will open and stay open, otherwise they will drop down for approx a second and go back up. We would love to have that only happen upon click. It’s just not acting as we would expect a drop down to act. This is the link to the page:


Tractor Zoom


Thank you for any help,

Hi Clint,

Would you be able to share with me where your showOpen() method is? I can see that it’s defined on the context object.

Used the dropbown supplied by Builder. Looking for a showOpen() method. I have 'on click’ do state.dropdownMenuActive = true;
Does that help?

Hello Clint,

I have not lost sight of this issue. At this point, I’ve attempted many different possible solutions without success.
Thanks for your patience, while I continue to investigate and reach out internally for more eyes on the issue.

Thank you very much Julius! It would make such a difference and I can’t fix it.

Hi Clint,

Would you be able to provide me permission to publish the content? I’ll undue changes made, I’d just like to be able to test further since the issue is not occurring in the Visual Editor and Draft preview envs but only in the Prod

I guess that is o.k. if it is for a short while as you test. It includes staff info, so I am hesitant, but we need the fix and I appreciate your help. Thanks, Clint

Hi Clint,

I was able to resolve the issue. The state that manages the dropdown menu initializes to true on every page load, so I had swapped the toggle.

Please let me know if you have issues integrating the solution when you’re ready to publish.

Apologies for the delay in resolution.

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This is amazing- you don’t need to apologize for the delay you solved our problem. Very grateful!

Thank you and happy to help!