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Embedding images - "Invalid url, please try another" on newly added embed objects

Hej there,

since today all newly added embeds show the “Invalid url, please try another” error message. Embeds that we added in the past months are working, but if I copy their URL and add a new “Embed”-Object, it shows the error on the newly added Embed only.
Even if duplicate an old Embed, change its URL to a new one and then back to the former URL, it shows the error message. The original Embed is working properly.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @lchtgst, I haven’t been able to reproduce on my end when dragging an embed block onto the page and adding a YouTube link. Would you be able to share with me the url you’re trying to add as well as your content entry in Builder? Thanks!

Hej @kara, thanks for the quick reply! YouTube links and other embeds like Pinterest are working on my end as well, images (tested with .jpg and .png) are not working.
Here is the link for a prototype: https://lichtgestalten-jnlkzzlr6-lchtgst.vercel.app/moods/testboard/
I’m not sure what you a refering to with the “content entry”?
I attached two screenshots, hope this helps.

Second attachment as a new user can only attach one at a time:

When visiting the url you’re trying to embed: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/, I receive the error: Regexp failed to match URI: "/wikipedia/commons/"

Sorry, this is the complete URL: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/32/Telefunken_FuBK_test_pattern.svg/1200px-Telefunken_FuBK_test_pattern.svg.png

I just copied an embed from another subpage of ours to the test site. After pasting it works just fine. I duplicated it and added it below. As soon as I edit its URL it stops working, even if I reset it to the original URL. The “Invalid url” after the yellow image on the testsite is the duplicate.
This is the URL to the copied embed: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/60/e2/27/60e2274f1dc426efce50f98d06efa4b0.jpg