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Form inputs dont work when rendering through React component

Hey there

I am rendering a contact form in my website. The input elements accept my keyboard input when rendering in the preview flow on builder - but don’t work when rendering through the Builder react component.

I see this console error that may be an issue.(I don’t see this error when “Previewing” the site through builder)

Any ideas?

Hi @yashu! Thanks for reaching out.

Would you mind sending us the link to the Builder page this is occurring on? We’d be happy to take a look.

Hey Maddy

this is the page ID 2f41395758344fbd857accb53c422764

Hi @yashu, were you able to resolve the issue? I looked at the content link you provided, but I do not see a preview URL attached to any live site. Are you using this content anywhere that I can see and help debug?