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How to add a quantity selector to your product page

To add a quantity selector to your product page:

  1. Navigate to your product page in the visual editor

  2. Drag and drop an input block from the “forms” section in the insert tab onto your page (make sure the input is in the “product options form” layer)

  1. Navigate to the options tab and change the input type to “number”, give the input the name “quantity” (the name is case sensitive, make sure the name is all lower case), and a default value (e.g. 1). Now the quantity selector is functional.

If you would like to add a minimum value to your input (e.g. “1” so users can’t select 0 or negative numbers): navigate to the custom element attributes section in the styles tab and add a “min” property and set a minimum value.

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It is not working https://builder.io/content/9e6a9581830041fbbf04c1764db44d99

Hi @VickyConstruct!

At this time, the quantity selector functionality is only available for product pages, not product boxes. Sorry for any confusion. This is on our roadmap and we will let you know when this functionality is available!

Any other way to add more thna one product at a time?