I am getting again again localhost issue

I am getting this error and resolve it while we have this url in my code

Hey @Raj9713 Thank you for reaching out to Builder forum. I would be happy to assist.

In order for me to be able to help you, could you please provide me with the Builder Content Entry link where you’re experiencing an issue as it this will me further my investigation?

Here is how to find it:

Please share your integration code as well.

Ok let me explain my steps
first I setup all next js code with this command ```
npm init builder.io@latest

then I run command npm run dev
and reach out the url of http://localhost:3000/builder-demo
and then complete all builder step with auth
and then I am converting page from figma and added in new page like localhost:3000/home
and when I converted page from figma then run command which is provided by sync section then its not connected it is givng error

Note: I am using free version so its any problem with that.

Hey @Raj9713 could you test if your localhost is working fine? Please share the error from the console. Are you facing the issue after you import your page from Figma or is it even before that? Could you please share a loom showcasing the issue?