Locale is mixed upper and lower case in Targeting

We recently added a new locale to our site, en-CA, and noticed that it’s the only locale that isn’t only lowercase when Targeting a certain locale. If we add other locales they also now become a mix of upper and lower case.

This causes some issues for us when using the API as we always send in the locale as lowercase, so either we need to make som hack in the code to handle this, or remove and add all the existing locales so all of them are consistent and then update the targeting manually for every page on our site.

What’s the reason for this behaviour and is there some other way we can handle it?

Best regards, Peter


Hello @peter,

We’ve recently made some changes to our locale format. Now, when adding any locale, it should follow the format: “en-US”, where the language is lowercase followed by the country code.

For your case, you can still add locale all lowercase like “en-ca”, simply go to Settings → Localization, type “en-ca” in lowercase, and then hit the spacebar. This action will prompt you to create and add the locale.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,