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Support custom url with uppercase

Is this possible support uppercase of url while set up page url field ?!
Since some existing pages with some rule in locales, like: /zh-CN/…, /en-US/

Hey @frank.hsu Thanks for reaching out! Currently page urls are not case sensitive, but I will pass your feedback along to our team to see if it’s something we will add to our roadmap in the future!

Is the lack of this functionality something that is blocking you in any way?

Yes, since we have some page follow the rule with case sensitive: zh-CN / en-US …etc
Wish it can be support with case sensitive !!

Hi @frank.hsu , for this case I recommend separating the top level route and sending it as a separate targeting attribute ( in sdk it’s called userAttributes), I have a recording that demonstrate how to do this with angular, but the same concepts apply regardless of framework