Our website Cookie PopUp blocks the editor


We are wanting to add Builder, but we have an issue when trying to edit content.

Our site has a Cookie popup, which pops up in the editor as it sees us a new visitor, we can’t close the banner in the editor, so it blocks us from editing.

How do we get around this?


Hello Edd!

Welcome to the builder.io forum post.

You can use custom CSS code to target the cookies PopUp block and hide them. You can add this custom CSS code under the Data Tab → Edit Content JS + CSS section

Wouldn’t that also hide the banner for visitors to the website?

Hello @JonathanLand,

You can comment out the CSS before publishing the content. Another option could be to use JavaScript code within the Builder.isEditing block to hide the pop-up, which will only hide the pop-up when editing the content. This way, you can ensure that the pop-up is hidden from the end-users while still allowing editors to see and interact with it during content creation and editing