Please unlock my account


I run a small nonprofit in the UK. We’ve been using since 2020! We love it! We are on the “Free - Legacy Plan” because we started early and fedback a few issues. But now I seem to be locked out of adding in a new member to the team even though we are below our maximum user number of 4.

Can you help me please? Can you unlock my ability to add remove team members?

I appreciate that you would love us to upgrade. We survive from research grants, donations and sponsorship. And we have very little left over to pay for services after paying developers.

We’d love to promote you on our homepage and add you to our sponsors list at the bottom of our homepage.

Can you help?

Cheers Daniel

cc @aziz @Stephane @korey

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your question and I wonder if you would be able to provide me with the email of the colleague you are trying to add so that I can run some tests on my side please?


Hi @Stephane and thanks for your reply! Is there a way I can message you privately? I personally don’t think this is a problem with the email address I’m using. I’ve tried others and the screen immediately tries to get me to upgrade. See the screenshots. I can’t change the role to admin – it is greyed out and stuck. I have only 3 users in the team – I should be able to add 4. The account seems locked. Thanks for helping.

3/4 users in team

Before entering the email:

After entering the email: