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Preview issues but iframe shows properly

I have my integration set up from following the docs to the letter. In the Builder, the iframe shows my homepage, but I still get an error saying it is having trouble connecting to my site; and the insert section just spins. Any ideas?

Hey @zhitch, if you could send us a link to your Builder entry (it should start with builder.io/content…) as well as a code sandbox/repo of your integration, we can take a look!

Sure thing! Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS
repo: GitHub - zackhitch/nextjs-builder-scratch

Thanks for sending this along, we’ll take a look on our end!

Hi @zhitch , I think you might need to setup content security policy headers to allow your site to be iframed by Builder.io
similar to this line nextjs-shopify/next.config.js at 9ae21086f848fcf019237b01ebb794f691c88f37 · BuilderIO/nextjs-shopify · GitHub