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Price shows wrong currency


I am editing a collection page and for some reason it keeps showing the currency as USD when our store currency is QAR. It doesn’t convert, it shows me the correct price in QAR but with a dollar sign. How do I replace the dollar sign with QAR?


Hey @aaa419, while Shopify handles multi-currency on their end, some blocks in Builder (e.g. the product box) are only tied to $ signs at this time. We’re working to improve this experience in the visual editor!

Hi Kara, is there any way around it? This would really confuse our clients if we kept the dollar sign.

Hi @aaa419,

To change the currency you’ll need to change this in the product price bindings (the product regular price and product sale price layer).

Once you select one of these layers, you can navigate to the data tab and edit the component.options.text binding by selecting the <> icon. You can change the currency on the 5th line where it shows return "$".

After you’ve changed the currency, you can save the product box as a template so you don’t have to change the binding every time you add a product box to a page.

Thanks Maddy! This is the only code that shows for me though, maybe I’m pressing the wrong button? :frowning:

@aaa419 Can you send me a link to your page so I can take a look?

Thanks! Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t realize you were editing a collection page. The suggestion I provided can be used for product/collection boxes rather than collection pages because they have different bindings. You can find the product and collection boxes in the insert tab under “Shopify”.

It worked! Thank you so much