Product Price Discrepancies for Euros


We have a U.S.-based storefront that will be selling products internationally.

For most currencies, there are no issues. However, when the currency for the user locale is Euros, a strange bug appears: All product prices displayed in sections are incorrect, and the amount is lower than the actual product price. When the product is viewed in the cart or in checkout, the price displays correctly.

No other currencies appear to have this issue. What might the problem be? Please help us figure it out.

Hi @ReavoEnd, Could you please share the builder content entry link where you’ve built this for further investigation? Feel free to send the link to or here!

Sure thing. There are two pages affected:

  1. Store homepage:
  2. Store product page:

I looked into shared content and was not able to reproduce the issue. Do you mind sharing reproducing steps or sharing video recording occurring issue on the builder editor would help us with the further investigation?

Generally, this happens when there’s some “compare at price” value set from your Shopify store and less than the actual value. The “actual price” has a show if to only if it is less than the “compare at price”.

We determined that, with some international regions (mainly those featuring Euros), all product prices fetched by from its custom Shopify API were incorrect values which did not reflect the custom, per-product per-region prices we assigned in Shopify Admin’s Markets section.

As such, I worked around the issue at hand by incorporating the product price directly from Shopify via Liquid in a custom code block, assigned the resulting string to a Window.variable, and finally bound the price block’s text to said variable’s value.

While we no longer require support from’s team, I suggest that developers might want to explore this issue further to correct it for other clients.

Hi @ReavoEnd, Thanks for getting back to this forum. As we communicate about this issue via email, I confirmed there was a bug from our end a few days back and the issue has been fixed and released to production.

We’re glad you’ve been able to fix it timely and appreciate your all awesome updates, hopefully, no other client will face this issue in the future.

thank you and stay connected with us:)

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