Change side of currency sign in Product price

Product price inside of the product price shows like “kr900” when fetched from Shopify. I would need the currency sign “kr” to shown on the other side of “900” like this: “900kr”.

How do I achieve that? Any ideas?

Hi @Hampus, Welcome to Forum!

Thanks for your patience on this. Unfortunately, there’s no UI option in Builder to change the side of the currency sign which is pulled from Shopify. The product price component in the Builder Product box has a span that pulls currency+price together from Shopify(whatever price formatting is set on the Shopify store).

However, you can try to achieve this using custom code with help of your developer. Maybe grab a span value in a variable then slice out currency and price than store the result(with a new custom position) in the state of the product price component.

Let us know if you have further questions or concerns!