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Problems when removing users from my organization

When I attempt to remove users from my organization, I get the “Done!” message, but they don’t appear to be removed.

But trying to remove them again fails, so I think they are actually removed?

Finally, feature request:

Instead of “Are you sure you want to remove this user from your organization?”

Can we do “Are you sure you want to remove foo@bar.com from your organization?”

That way I know I’m removing who I really wanted to remove?

Thanks Steve and team!


Hi Seth! Thanks for the question. It looks like there was a data-sync issue where the user was removed from our primary database but wasn’t removed from the search index powering that view. While the user doesn’t have access to your Builder account, it is certainly confusing to see the user still in the list. I’ll take a look at why the data-sync isn’t working, and in the meantime please send us an email at help@builder.io to manually remove the user.

Also thanks for the suggestion of adding the email to the confirmation message, I’ll make a note and hopefully we’ll be able to get it into an upcoming release!

Having the same problem with a user @ my end.