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Using Builder.io with AWS hosting in Angular

What are you trying to accomplish
I want to host my Angular app out of an AWS S3 bucket

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Angular, AWS CDK, AWS S3

*I am attempting to host my Angular application using a AWS CDK stack. Part of that process involves building my site on a linux server (ng build --prod) which is then uploaded to an S3 bucket using an AWS CDK deployment stack. I have been successful in getting this up and running, but I’m unable to access the routes that are generated by builder. Specifically, I get a AccessDenied in the return xml when trying to access them. When doing a local serve (ng serve) I am able to access these routes so I’m interested in how these two setups might differ from your perspective.

Any guidance you can offer is appreciated! Thanks.*

Hey @cambrobro97, are those routes in your AWS bucket public? Here’s a guide you can check out: