Using reusable symbols with content models

I have a Hero custom model with these properties: Title, Subtitle, Image

I create two instance of my Hero custom model: main and business

And I will upload my data for these 2 models (for main and business as well)

I would like to create a symbol which will be reusable, and I would like to bind the HERO content model itself to it, not a concret entry.

So here is my symbol:

And I would like to connect my Hero content model for it, but when I try to bind the content model’s property to my Title, or Description it will ask me for pick an entry:

And I don’t want to do this, because I would like to reuse the same symbol across all of my pages but only with different Hero content models. It would work if I would bind the MAIN HERO CONTENT MODEL first, then duplicate this symbol and bind the BUSINESS HERO CONTENT MODEL, and if I want the third, I should again duplicate it and bind the next entry?

Which is working, but I don’t want this, because I already have the models, and would be great if I could only tell the concret entry when I add the symbol to my page, hope you understand, because if I duplicate or triplicate my symbol then I would lose the main goal that my Hero symbol is the same and If I change it once it will effect the others as well but in this case it would not work because I duplicated my symbol just to bind my next entry for it.

So here I would like to pick my content model which will be bind to my symbol, and not one of my duplicated entry. Is it possible?

Hope you understand my worries and could help me, let me know please, as soon as possible, I am building a production app with 10+ pages and don’t want to 10x my hero symbol, only want one symbol where I bind the concret Hero custom model data when I will add my hero symbol to my page!

Hi @radikris!

I’d be happy to help but first, let me know if I’m on the right path. You have created a section model, “hero”, which currently contains an entry for the home hero and business hero.

  • How would you like to use this content? Would you like to display the content from the hero model on different pages? For example, will you have a home page where the home hero content should display and a business page where the business hero content should display?

  • Where are you pulling in the data for the two entries in your hero model? I see empty bindings for both entries at this time.

I see that you’ve created an entry in the symbols model where you are pulling from the Hero model. When you say you would like to bind to the hero content model itself, not an entry, can you share what you’re hoping the content would look like?

The entries within the hero section model can already be used as symbols without creating an entry in the symbols model. You could drag and drop a symbol block onto your page, choose the hero model, and then choose the corresponding entry for each page. I may be misunderstanding your initial question, so let me know if you can provide some clarity!


Your answer helped me already a lot, can you please check out this thread, this is the only thing which hold me back from finishing my tasks, I want to bind my custom model data’s to my custom code component, but some inputs can not be bound, why?
How can I bind the list and boolean for it?