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Shopify components not fetching

When I try to add the Shopify component for Product Grid Collection and select a collection that I know has products. It intermittently allowed me to preview products yesterday but today it won’t work at all in the web app nor will it render headless.

Console errors below:

Hi @jws8118 :wave:

What is your tech stack and can you provide a code sample to reproduce?

Hi @maddy I’m just using the gatsby shopify starter here GitHub - BuilderIO/gatsby-builder-shopify: A starter for Gatsby + Shopify + Builder.io

I’ve updated the .env.all file accordingly and I’m confident the shop name and access token are correct b/c I’m using the same as I have in my production headless Shopify app.

Does the starter repo work for you?

Hi James, the starter you shared doesn’t have a component for product grid collection, maybe I’m misssing something, please share screenshots and content links if available.